Gps sextante Stella Oceani


Astronavigation vs electronic navigation

Posición gps sextante Stella Oceani


We calculate our position sailing as a flotilla



The first 700 miles across the Atlantic Ocean

Carta Nautica Stella Oceani Itinerario Sextante Travesia


We connect the two of Ports of the Indies

Long-Lat Stella Oceani

Ocean Crossing

Significant change of latitude and longitude from start to end


+600 miles

A great opportunity to obtain the RYA Yathmaster Ocean exam

Celestial Navigation?

Roles on board, calculations, who wins,... Discover the rules of this offshore sailing in which we compete for the best accuracy of the position calculation with the sextant

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If after reading the rules you still have some doubts, visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section where other questions are answered

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