Standings Stella Oceani 2019

Route: Puerto Sherry, Cádiz  –  La Palma (Canary Islands)
Distance: +850 nautical miles
Dates: Sunday October 27th - Saturday November 2nd, 2019

Winner sailboat:     ACROBAT 

Navigator: Roberto Santos
Skipper: Diego de Miguel
Crew: Diego Rodriguez, Isolda Delgado

Detail of scores per sailboat and route observed vs real route:

    • The scores are obtained by calculating the radial error between the position observed by the navigator and the one obtained by the skipper with the GPS (the only member of the sailboat allowed to be looking at the electronic navigation instruments). 
    • With an error of 0-3 nautical miles 10 points are obtained, up to a 30 mile error with which 1 point is obtained.
    • In this edition, the observations were scored equally with sextant, by dead reckoning or with bearing compass.

Meet the Sailboats crew enrolled in Stella Oceani 2019:

Tracks drawn by the sailboats: