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Stella Oceani is aimed at sea-enthusiasts who want to deepen their knowledge in ocean navigation skills. 

The more knowledge you have of this subject the more you will enjoy this experience. Therefore we recommend to do some previous research, for example with books and texts such as the ones from Luis Mederos.

Astronavigation classes are not provided before or during the crossing, unless the shipowner offers them on his/her own.

The skippers of the participating sailboats will be those who choose their crew. 

Therefore, having sailing experience will always be advantageous, but there are also other skills that skippers will value such as: being a doctor, a good cook or a handyman with repairs.

Astronavigation classes are not provided before or during the crossing, unless the shipowner offers them on his/her own.

La flota la conformarán 30 veleros como máximo. Having different lengths and average speeds makes it difficult to navigate at a close distance during 6 days. 

It is also complicated for the fact of calculating different positions and, consequently, different course directions to follow. So the day and time of departure will be the same for everyone, as well as and estimated ETA, although during the crossing it will be difficult to stay together. Now...lunch time to celebrate the victory of having arrived with sextant will be November 2nd 2019!

It is forbidden to navigate with mobile applications or GPS, but the sailboat's GPS will not be turned off due to security reasons. The only person on board with access to the GPS position will be the skipper of the sailboat. 

If the position obtained by the navigator and the crew exceeds more than 30 miles from the real one, the skipper will indicate it to the navigator (without saying how big the mistake is) and the navigator must take another sextant sight until the error is less than 30 miles. This way, all Stella Oceani sailboats will sail with an acceptable position error in order to successfully reach their destination.

Crew aspirants who want to embark and participate in Stella Oceani and do not yet have an assigned sailboat, will be able to register and their profile will be shown so sailboats that need crew will be able to contact them.

When creating a profile as a crew member, only the following data will appear in the crew bank as public:

> Photo, province, nautical title and experience, celestial navigation experience and a small personal description.

Only the registered sailboats participating in Stella Oceani will have access to the rest of the data, such as name and email/phone number,

Crew aspirants, after registering, just wait for the sailboats to contact you. Be patient and make sure you include all relevant information in your profile.

The boarding conditions between sailboat and crew members are completely out of the organization's control.  

> Private and chartered sailboats can participate.

> Professional and private sailboats can participate (listed in Spain's "6a or 7a" or EU equivalent) 

> Sailboats of very different lengths and models participate so they will offer different types of navigation.

So there will be very different on-boarding flavors.

Each sailboat sets its conditions on board.

Each participant is free to decide to embark on one or another sailboat, or just not to participate. 

In sailing, the most important thing is safety. The decision to delay the departure will be taken democratically among the skippers. But we will not force any sailboat to depart against their will.


If the clouds or fog do not allow to see the stars and/or the horizon, it will not be possible to calculate the position with the sextant. That is why, in parallel, we must navigate by dead reckoning, the same way as it was done before the invention of electronic devices such as the GPS.

If a position cannot be obtained due to the impossibility to perform a proper sextant sight, the position will be calculated by dead reckoning.

If a position cannot be obtained due to the impossibility to perform a proper sextant sight, the position will be calculated by dead reckoning.


Yes, there will be two categories, sailboats in zone 1 and sailboats in zone 2 (within 60 nautical miles from the coast) 

Sailboats dispatched in Spain's Zone 2, a route along 60 miles from the African coast will be traced to the Canary Islands without exceeding 60 miles from the coast.

Sailboats in zone 1 will navigate more straight to the Canary Islands whenever the weather allows them to do so.


Stella Oceani is an astronavigation with origin in Puerto Sherry, Cádiz and arrival in La Palma, Canary Islands. 

The original idea was to offer an attractive and enriching crossing to all those sailboats that are going to cross the Atlantic Ocean or go to the Canary Islands to spend winter there.

Registration for both sailboats and crew only includes the crossing Cádiz-Canarias. 

Each one individually coordinates their arrival in Cádiz as their return from the Canary Islands on their own.

Certainly, there will be sailboats that will make a round trip. Both from the Canary Islands to Cádiz to participate in Stella Oceani and from the Canary Islands to Cádiz after the crossing.

These boats will be looking for crew members and will mostly sure go in a flotilla. They will contact the people registered in the crew bank.

To participate in Stella Oceani, each sailboat must have at least one skipper and a navigator.

If you want to sail single-handed, you can act as a skipper and navigator.

We recommend:

- A skipper: Responsible for the sailboat and crew, he/she has the maximum authority.

- Two navigators: Responsible for the sextant, calculations and to determine the course to follow. We recommend two instead of one, especially if it is the first time that you sail with sextant, so you can resolve doubts and coordinate the observations as a team.

- Crew members: The rest of the team will help and support everything needed during the crossing.

1 >> Register your sailboat at: https://stellaoceani.com/inscripciones
Stella Oceani está limitada a 30 embarcaciones que se aceptarán por orden de inscripción. Las inscripciones no se considerarán realizadas hasta que la organización haya  recibido confirmación del pago.
2 >> Registration fee is 350€ (+VAT) per sailboat, which includes:
- Participation of the sailboat and the skipper in Stella Oceani 2020
- Port berth for the sailboat at Puerto Sherry-Cádiz for three days, and Puerto Calero-La Palma for another three days.
- GPS Tracking system unit (GPS position to follow the track online while navigating)
– 1 Stella Oceani T-Shirt
- 1 Official Notebook necessary for calculations during the crossing
3 >> When filling out the registration form, you will receive an email with the account number and mandatory documentation to be sent, as well as a code to access the crew bank and thus be able to complete your crew.
1 >> Register your profile at: https://stellaoceani.com/inscripciones
2a >> If you are already part of the crew on a registered sailboat that participates in Stella Oceani you can already pay the registration fee.
2b >> If you are not yet part of the crew of a participating sailboat, your profile will appear in the crew bank in which only registered sailboats participating have access to your contact. You must wait for a skipper of a sailboat to contact you to participate in Stella Oceani. Registration is not considered confirmed until payment of registration fees has been received.
3 >> La inscripción de 90€(+iva) por persona incluye:
- Participation as a crew member in Stella Oceani 2020
- Access to all activities and presentations/round tables organized during the weekends in Cádiz and La Palma
– 1 Stella Oceani T-Shirt
4 >> When a skipper confirms a place in a sailboat, tick on your profile that you are already part of the crew of a participating sailboat and you will receive an email with the account number to formalize the registration and mandatory documentation to be delivered.
Whether you are a skipper or crew member,if you want to participate in Stella Oceani but you do not have a sailboat, there are individuals who have their sailboat entitled in Spanish 6th list and will be happy to use their sailboat. Also, sailboat charter companies both in the Spanish Peninsula and in the Canary Islands or Portugal.
>> SomeWhatsapp groups will be created for those sailboats that look forward to go from the Canary Islands to Cádiz before the event and to be able to participate in it, as well as the boats that have to return from the Canary Islands to the Spanish Peninsula after Stella Oceani. 
>> If you ave a sailboat but do not want to act as a skipper or do not have the necessary qualification, you will find skippers within the crew bank that could skipper the sailboat. We can also put you in touch with a company of professional skippers.
>> If you need a navigator or crew members to complete your crew list, you will find them in the crew bank.

>> If you want to charter your sailboat, contact us at: info@stellaoceani.com

All boats will have to be equipped according to their sailing category and area. 

Safety equipment: Each sailboat will take care of its safety equipment. On Saturday, before departure, inspection will be carried out to check that everything is in order. If you do not have all the required equipment, you will not be able to participate. The required list will be sent by email.

Usually all sailboats have life vests for each crew member, yet we recommend that everyone wear their personal life vest. 

Each crew member must carry their own sailing equipment, unless the ship provides it (it is not common).

Here is a video where you can see the equipment we bring with us to navigate at this time of year (Spanish):

Every sailboat participating in Stella Oceani will carry a satellite tracking device on board. The satellite device will transmit its position every 30 minutes. This way you can know the position, course and speed of each boat from any device with internet access.

This will also allow Maritime Rescue to know the position of the sailboats in the fleet. Being able to help in this way more quickly and more effectively if necessary.

All Stella Oceani sailboats will carry a satellite phone on board. Therefore, they will have the ability to communicate with land. Of course, at a high cost. 

However systems such as Iridium allow you to send free SMS from land to a terminal of this brand through its website.

This will allow Maritime Rescue to communicate with the sailboats in the fleet, thus resulting in greater event safety in an eventual rescue operation.

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